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Crayola Doodle Penguin Instructions

crayola-doodle-penguinSo many toys, so many bits of paper. Our eldest son recently took an interest in his big sister’s Doodle Penguin toy, but we couldn’t find the instructions for it so had no idea how to choose from the 100 different pictures it’s able to draw. Needless to say for whatever reason the instructions are nowhere to be found on the web, luckily a little searching and I did find the original paper copy so I’ve scanned it, you can download it below. The PDF also contains the French (Pixel le Pengouin) and German (Mal für mich Pinguin) instructions. If this helped you, please leave a comment and let me know.

Full instructions: Doodle_Penguin_Instructions.pdf
Just the image settings (landscape): Doodle_Penguin_Instructions_Images.pdf

Apache Ant – Adding a file to an existing zip archive

I recently needed to add a file to an existing WAR as part of an Ant build step. The Ant docs are not really clear on whether this is possible and there certainly isn’t an example.

This is the method I used:

<target name="dist" depends="build">
	<zip destfile="${rootBuildDir}/import/MyWebApp.war" update="true">
		<zipfileset dir="${distDir}" 
			includes="*.jar" prefix="WEB-INF/lib/"/>

As you can see I’ve used the generic zip task but the technique works for WAR, and JAR files too, since they are just zip files.

See the Ant docs for more info about the zip task and zipfileset type.

Edit: 2012-12-21 Updated link to ANT docs