Crayola Doodle Penguin Instructions

crayola-doodle-penguinSo many toys, so many bits of paper. Our eldest son recently took an interest in his big sister’s Doodle Penguin toy, but we couldn’t find the instructions for it so had no idea how to choose from the 100 different pictures it’s able to draw. Needless to say for whatever reason the instructions are nowhere to be found on the web, luckily a little searching and I did find the original paper copy so I’ve scanned it, you can download it below. The PDF also contains the French (Pixel le Pengouin) and German (Mal für mich Pinguin) instructions. If this helped you, please leave a comment and let me know.

Full instructions: Doodle_Penguin_Instructions.pdf
Just the image settings (landscape): Doodle_Penguin_Instructions_Images.pdf

4 thoughts on “Crayola Doodle Penguin Instructions”

  1. I cannot get the images to load, I just get a new copy of the blog entry. Can you sugest why I’m having the trouble or re-post them? I threw our instructions away believing our Doodle Penguin to be broken, I was not quick enough in removing the penguin from sight though so our 5 year old has resurrected it and is now keen to draw bunnies!

  2. Hey! Thabks for posting this! Really helpful! If you can tell me where can i get new pens for this toy would be great! Thanks

  3. Sorry Alina, I’m not sure, I think some of our other Crayola pens have been used in there occasionally so maybe their normal felt tips would work?

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