Enabling new signing key Fedora 8 and 9

If for whatever reason you’re still maintaining an old install of Fedora 8 or 9 and need to get updates with yum you might find your way to this page fedoraproject.org – Enabling new signing key which contains links to download the new signing keys. Sadly the page hasn’t been updated in a while and the key rpm links are broken. You’ll probably find them with a Google search but might end up with suspicious files which sha1sum doesn’t match the sum given on Fedora’s own page

fc8: 9a684ad36f4c1f49df7c569d5990d00f7da2cb9c
fc9: 259165485c16d39904200b069873967e3eb5fa6e

You can however grab the correct file direct from Fedora’s own archives

Here for fc8: fedora-release-8-6.transition.noarch.rpm
Here for fc9: fedora-release-9-5.transition.noarch.rpm

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