Compositor Digital Photo Frame Keyring – Driver and Manual

I bought my daughter a 1 inch heart shaped digital photo frame keyring (keychain) and when it came time to hook it up to my Mac or PC I struggled to find the drivers, due mainly to the fact that the enclosed 8cm device driver CD isn’t friendly to slot-loading CD drives.

A quick web search and I failed to find the manufacturer’s website, fortunately a bit more hunting on my part and I did find the 8cm CD adapter that came with my PC. So I’m providing the contents of the CD here for anyone else who might go looking. These items are obviously copyright to the Compositor company, and if they find this site and want me to take the files down, I’ll happily link to their own drivers page. These items are specifically from the “Model PF 10.002 HEART” but they might work with other models too.

Update: thanks to Robert who reports these drivers also work for the PF 10.005

PDF User Guides
German – Deutsch Benutzerhandbuch
Spanish – Español Guiá del usuario
French – Français Mode d’emploi
English – User Guide / Manual
Greek – ελληνικά Εγχειρίδιο χρήστη
Italian – Italiano Guida dell’utente
Dutch – Nederlands Handleiding
Portuguese – português Moldura

Photo Viewer 4.7.3 Driver / Software
MacOS 10.4+ Universal Binary
MacOS 10.4+ Universal Binary Multilingual
Windows Vista 32-bit
Windows Vista 64-bit
Windows 98SE/2000/Me/XP

31 thoughts on “Compositor Digital Photo Frame Keyring – Driver and Manual”

  1. Hi

    Wonder if you can help. I have the same model and have instaled the photo viewer but my PC is not finding the photo frame when I plug it into the USB. Am I missing something ?

    Hope you can help


  2. I bought the PF10.005 version and it all loads and works OK but it doesn’t seem to charge form my laptop. It works while it’s plugged in but as soon as I unplug it it’s dead and I can’t turn it on – any ideas why the battery might not be holding charge? Thanks

  3. Alasdair – Sorry, not sure what could be the trouble here. Can you try it in a friend’s PC, or a work PC, to see if you get any different results. Which version of Windows are you using, some versions need an additional driver according to the Manual.

  4. Kate – I thought mine had the same problem, it was just the way I was turning it on, might be worth double-checking the manual, I’m sure you had to hold the button for quite a few seconds.

  5. Worked perfectly the first time.Now when plugged in it tells me I have pics in it,but when I switch on the gadget I just get a white illuminated screen & the buttons don’t do anything.I guess it is faulty still I think it only cost about £3 from The Works.
    There appears to be a small matal pin to the left of the on/off button ,could this be some kind of reset?

  6. Thanks a lot for sharing this software. Our disc has long since been lost and I had to format our PC recently. We would have had to buy a new photo keyring without these drivers.

  7. Hi, I have bought the heart one for my Nan. Haven’t got a clue about the model or anything only know who made it because it says on the back. I’ve hooked it up to my laptop and everything’s fine but how do you know when it’s fully charged, it’s been on forever. It needs to be fully charged because I have to take it off my Nan to bring home and charge.

  8. Lidie > I think when it’s charging there’s a battery icon that flashes to indicate it is ‘filling-up’ and once it’s charged the icon stays lit and no longer flashes.

  9. A big thank you for the driver. My neighbours daughter has a round red keyring picture viewer and wanted her pro photos on it she had no driver for the keyring and asked me. She will be really happy thank you so much.

  10. I ave a display digital photo PF10.251A ; I’ve change my computer and i can’t connect it with the display. I dont find the soft and pilote…. if somebody can say me how i cant found it Thank you. Sorry for my englisch..i’m French

  11. How long should it take to charge. mine been on charge for 4 hours and battery still not full. when i unplug usb it goes dead. any ideas?

  12. Hi Michael, I’m not sure how long it normally takes, I tend to plug it in overnight. I think it might switch itself off when unplugged from USB, have you tried pressing and holding the bottom button to power it on.

    All the best,


  13. Doesn’t install for me on Mac OS 10.6.5. Thanks for trying. I can’t see why it doesn’t just mount as a mass storage device.

  14. I was able to remove the default pictures but when I went to browse my own pictures to transfer them to the device the Photo Viewer 3.74 stopped running as soon as I clicked on the file that contained the photos that I wanted to transfer. Any ideas what I can do?

  15. Hi Mark – Not really sure, I don’t know a huge amount about these devices or the software. You might try resizing the pictures to make them a bit smaller first, I know the software resizes pictures, but maybe it struggles if they are too large.

  16. the bottom must be held in for 4 seconds or more then the power will come on,the same as switching off.

  17. the bottom BUTTON must be held for 4 seconds or more,for the power to come on,the same applys to switch off.

  18. have this working with ur drivers but is showing broken lines in all transfered pics on the device and sometimes does not transfer them at all when reconnect the device after picture transfer says driver version not match, is there a link to other drivers? have tried a few of these devices before and the heart shaped one works fine just this one does not. turquoise daimond shaped compositor with light, any info from anyone with one of these working? thnx.

  19. Thanks for this – very nice of you. Drivers downloaded automatically from Microsoft, but I didn’t have the software. Seems to work fine on Windows 7 64-bit.

  20. I have 9 of them but I cant figger out how to turn them on can you please tell me also they work in windows 7 – 8 as well :D

  21. Sorry Kyle really don’t know a huge amount about them, I just uploaded the files. I’ve only got one of them and it is tricky to switch on, but does work as per the user guide. Some other comments suggest it should work on Windows 7, best of luck.


  22. cannot seem to use links to download the driver software opens in winrar and i cant do anything from there any help please

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